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Authenticity was first published in May 2005 – since then Light News has grown to over 400 students become Light News Institute and Integrative Chakra Therapy®. I have published two books “I Can Relate”, originally thought to be “The Book of Reciprocity” and “Eye of the Lotus”. I am currently working on my third expanding upon all my knowledge and understanding of the Chakra system.

I am still  following my path, walking my talk and working diligently to stay focused and clear on what is needed for individuals today.  And, Light News is growing striving to help all individuals self empower and self realize that there is more to all that is. I trust this message will find you well as you strive to be authentic in all that you do.

May 2005 – I wanted to say a few words about authenticity. In these days of instant information and diversification of choices and with so many voices of seeming authority, it can be a difficult task for one to find their authentic Self. Hard for most, but particularly hard for those who call themselves healers.

As a teacher of spiritual healing, I have well over 100 students in the U.S. and Canada. I feel the incumbent honor and responsibility of teaching my students their sacred duties in service work to the world. I tell them not to even study to be healers, unless they are willing to be absolutely clear and focused in their work. The walk down the spiritual path is very demanding, especially for healers.

Don’t worry about being tested. You can assure yourself that the tests will come, should you desire to engage in healing work and/or spiritual counseling.

I just finished my second book: the working title is “The Book of Reciprocity.” It’s about how we take psychic relationships to each other. One of the chapters is titled “The Keys to a Great Relationship.” One of those keys is Authenticity.

Although no one person has a greater “lock” on authenticity than anyone else (we all know what our inner truth is), it is especially incumbent upon us who do healing work to be scrupulously clear with our intention and actions. There is much pressure from our clients, some grievously ill, who desire for us to be “Right” and to have “The” cure. What I tell them is that I’m not trying to be “right” in my spiritual counseling and healing work; I’m endeavoring to be as accurate as possible. All grace flows from God through us as instruments of healing. It is not up to the healer to determine the healing, but rather it is between the person seeking healing and their relationship with the Divine (God). We, as healers, are facilitators of that process through our clarity.

In that regard, authenticity is knowing that you are doing your best in the most honest manner, but it also means something more. One must be “absolutely confident” and “absolutely humble” in the same moment. There is nothing wrong with excelling at healing abilities, or with being eager and enthusiastic about helping people achieve perfect health.

Some clients will insist upon a certain condition or frame of mind they have as their true inner feelings, and that may be the case. But if you are doing healing work, your assignment is not to agree with the client, but to use your higher sense-perception to see them as they truly are, not as they appear. Your job is to see beyond the veil of illusion.

They come to you, as a healer, because they are seeking an accurate reflection of themselves: a manner in which they may self-empower through their free will to overcome the illusion of separation.

Some are hurting deeply, and do not know where to turn. Others are slow to see their sacred gifts, as they have always been taught to look outside of themselves, or have been overcome with years of doubt or suffering. Some are ardent seekers of truth, and wish to pare away the rough and superfluous parts of their lives. Some are consumed with anger, and would not listen to your counsel.

You, as a healer, must be willing to be calm and steady, knowing and trusting your inner guidance so much, with so much fidelity, that you never lose sight of the reason you began this endeavor. Service work. To be of service to humankind you must improve yourself to be strong in spirit, heart, mind and body. To rest your soul in the embrace of God, and let God’s wisdom pour through you, without personal investment in the work.

As the person to be healed takes a psychic relationship to your authenticity, it will cause them to make fundamental shifts in the way they see reality. This is fundamental spirituality in metaphysics. That shift is what causes them to heal from their infirmity and karma.

And, you must be willing to see things as they are. If you truly seek to be of service, see your clients as they truly are: magnificent beings of light made in the image of the Creator, not separate; but whole and complete, living in oneness and compassion. Then be brave enough to help them break the barriers of illusion that prevent them from realizing that beingness and the suffering that comes from the illusion. That is authenticity.