Even a Broken Clock is Right Twice a Day

Richard JelusichBlog

springLetting go and forgiveness is very much like using the power of the free will to choose which karma to attach to. Only sometimes, we don’t know what to take hold of and what to let go.

How do you know you’re making the right choice? What if you’re wrong? Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day. That means, in life, do your best. Having done your best you can have no remorse.

Better for you to develop the nature of your character through your persistent efforts, than to focus only on imaginary, illusory goals. Yes, goals are important in life. Sometimes we become so attentive to the goals, that we feel less than ourselves if it does not turn out the way we had envisioned. To let go of what doesn’t work, to take failures in stride, is a much more eloquent (and less painful) way to live your life.

Letting go sometimes feels the same as giving up, but it is not. Making choices is something we all do every day. The harder ones are the ones that often involve emotional attachment in the decision. Sometimes, it’s hard to know the right thing to do, but we are defined by the effort to make good choices, not in their outcome.

The cool thing about being a human being is that you have a free will. You can choose and choose again. Choosing does not make you cavalier or lessen the importance of your decisions, but choosing based only on past experiences can lessen the opportunity to make great choices.

Metaphysics is always about balance. There is a balance between intuition and mental intelligence. The pendulum always swings through the middle. That is, if some decisions are too rooted in the mental mind, and some are too rooted in the intuition only, your own inner sense of balance will create situations and circumstances in your life that will help your pendulum swing back to center. It is important to embrace both facets of your being.

You don’t let go with blind abandon, and you don’t hold on to the past with mental ferocity and expect to grow spiritually. A true spiritual existence requires a gentle grasp of the tension between the physical and non-physical, the mental and intuitive. Holding both ropes allows you to always come to balance by holding the tension (making balanced choices), moment to moment.

Make your choices with confidence and balance, and be gentle with yourself. Make little course corrections and remember your free-will that you always have a choice.