My Visit to Payson and Sedona, Arizona

Richard Jelusich Blog

I just returned from a trip to Payson and Sedona, Arizona, this weekend. Payson is a small community in the mountains, about 75 miles north-northeast of Phoenix. Nestled along the top of a ridge (locals call it “the rim”), Payson basks in temperatures slightly cooler than the desert floor, and is punctuated by golden-red sandy soil and many pines and junipers.

The beauty of the area, and its semi-remoteness attracts many people who wish to come live in its gentle energies. I had the opportunity to meet many people there this weekend; some whose names you would recognize as important figures in the field of consciousness research.

While there, I gave a lecture on The Law of Reciprocity at the Payson Center for Spiritual Awareness. As the lecture’s title implies: we invite people into our lives who represent the inverse of our skill sets so that we may learn from our experiences. I have also come to learn that we visit locales that also represent the inverse, so that we may reflect on those things in life that are most important.

Payson represents a place where you will find a variety of people, with an equal variety of backgrounds. They come from all walks of life, but gather here. Perhaps the reciprocity is that Payson is calm and reflective, ancient and pure. And perhaps those qualities play on the senses of those who come to visit or live in Payson.

As I went for my morning walk in Payson yesterday, the cool, clear air brushed me gently, its sweet scent reminding me of the perfect order of nature. It was soothing, calming and helped my mind to a sense of order and a perfect progression of the unfolding of life, as it should.

SedonaLast Saturday, I visited my favorite vortex in Sedona at Schnebly Hill. There is a medicine wheel on the red rock flat. Just in front of this rocky flat is the massive portal that faces south on the immense cliff walls above. In this place, I walked the medicine wheel, did ceremony, meditated and gave gratitude for my life in this place. To me, Schnebly Hill is the purest of all the vortexes in Sedona.

My reciprocity there is the recharging of my soul, the re-focus and dedication of my faculties in this lifetime to be of service, and the gentle acknowledgment that one thing is not separate from another.

If you visit Payson or Sedona, go with a sense that you will leave there your resistance to the full knowledge of your true nature, and that you will take away with you purity, respect for all things, presence of the oneness and peace of mind.