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Is it by chance that we attract the people we do in life, whether friends, family, work?   Or is there something else happening in a much more subtle way?  Something that is beyond the physical nature of our being but on a much higher level?

In my recent blog, “Biological Oscillation,” I wrote that there is much more to the integral consciousness of life working together that will open to us, should we but be vulnerable, to a much more meaningful understanding and comprehension of the interconnectedness of all things.  A unity consciousness.

How is it that the beak of the hummingbird (animal kingdom) fits perfectly with the flower (plant kingdom)?  How is it that this phenomenon is at play on every level of life?  Do these two forms of life, interacting, do so for the benefit of each?  We know in this case it is most certainly true.

Is the same true for you and I?  We are inseparable from nature.  We are not in nature, are nature!  In my book I Can Relate: how we intuitively choose the people in our lives, I explain one of the ways that we relate to each other, an aspect of biological oscillation called “reciprocity.”  Think of it as inverse relationships, but on a higher dimensional level our being at work all the time. 

In the book are 27 case histories of how two people can interrelate based on their dominant chakra characteristics: each attracting the other into their lives for the possible benefit of inner growth from the interaction.  We do this constantly, ceaselessly through life, on a subtle energy level of consciousness.

A real-life case history from the book (page 91 “The genius and the Earth mother” is about a man who is heart dominant (4th chakra) married to a woman who is self or individuated dominant (3rd chakra).  He is brilliant but because he is so heart-centered does not have a strong sense of his own identity and gives himself to others ceaselessly, empathically.  She is very grounded with a strong sense of identity, earthiness and personal power.   She helped him (energetically and literally) by ‘seeing’ him for who he is, offering comfort and support.  In him, she found pure love, and she accepted it into her life in recognition that she really could be that powerful and be with a man who did not want to take her power.

The reciprocity of this relationship offered the opportunity for great, mutual personal growth!

This is inverse relationships: one of two ways I have found that we relate to each other, but also to our environment and all nature, for everything is consciousness.  In another blog, I’ll speak of another form of how we relate to each other, “representation through relationship.”

Make a self-inquiry of your skill sets and think about the various people in your life.  Are any of them related to you in an inverse way, complementing your skills and understanding?  My work focuses on the chakra centers as centers of our consciousness, each with special skills and attributes that are ceaselessly working to bring events into your life, and many of them inverse relationships that in some way may benefit you.  One chakra tends to be more dominant than the others, setting a life-course path of growth, many of them through reciprocity.

Here is an experiential exercise and an example of reciprocity (there are many types of pairings): One person has a strong empathic heart center but not a strong sense of personal identity.  The other person has a strong self-will but difficulty with empathy.

Relax, breathe gently and close your eyes. 

As your mind floats and the thoughts dissolve, allow yourself to observe your own skills and attributes.  Let your mind settle on one of them.  Focus intently on one of your attributes.

Continue your meditation and one by one allow the people in your life to float in front of your awareness.  Are any of them in a reciprocal relationship with you?  Can you feel the inverse integration of your interactions?  Can you feel how best you could facilitate each other’s growth from your innate strengths that brought you into each other’s life?

After a few moments, when you feel the moment is right, breathe few deeper breaths and open your eyes.  You may wish to journal your insights.


Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.