Creating the Healer

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Creating the Healer (first published July 8, 1999)

This is the second in a series of articles designed to ground the subject of metaphysics into every day practicality. Part 1 “Taking the Mystery out of Metaphysics”

Healing is something we speak of in metaphysics in terms of our seeking to unify ourselves from what we euphemistically call “Dis-ease.” It is not so easy, in the world today, to find the remission of some physical problem through the realm of metaphysics, because by its very nature metaphysics encompasses the ethereal, the unknown and the mysterious.monk

It is also difficult to ascribe a dis-ease to an emotional, mental, or spiritual pattern when there is no hard evidence to support the link. Rather, many have embraced what we call mainstream medicine, and have adopted the ingestion of medications like Prosacâ, Ritalinâ, and Valiumâ to supplement our mental and emotional states.

This approach, however scientific, does not begin to address the whole human being. The very tenet of metaphysics is to view the whole human experience. That, as a human being, we consist of archetypal energies that are at once and together the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual states of being. The spiritual encompasses everything that we do not observe in the physical realm, whether it is extra-dimensional or merely a shift in frequency within this same dimension (e.g., radio, x-ray, gamma ray waves).

Ultimately, unless we take responsibility for our whole selves, it is difficult to heal from our various infirmities. Unknowing, we will blindly circle about a life’s issue until we one day “get it” and move on. It is in the seeking that our healing is defined by us and for us. It is in the effort to be healed, that healing occurs.

The woman who walked up behind Jesus and thought to herself, “If I just touch the skirt of his garments, I will be healed of my affliction.” She walks up behind Jesus and touches his robe. He feels the energy drain, turns around and says, “Who touched me?” The woman responds, “I did.” And Jesus replies, ‘By your actions, woman, you are healed.”

By Your actions. Metaphysics, in its essence, teaches that we are inseparable from everything around us; that we live within a oneness of being. Your every thought, every action, has a direct consequence on the state of the world around you and on yourself. Most people feel that they are buffeted by the exigencies (little emergencies) of life, and can only respond as best they can to what they are given. But if you knew, really knew, that you are not separate from everyone and every thing, would that change the way you think about healing yourself?Open Healing Hands

Healing doesn’t have to be a physical problem. There are many that wish to heal from mental and emotional hardships: the passing of a loved one, a relationship that did not work, abundance issues, and so on. The fact that we seek healing means we have an idea of what is not working. In fact, you are so grand, eloquent and magnificent in your oneness that the answer you seek will always be given you, should you grasp for it.

Certainly, there are several mitigating factors that apply to healing:

1. Karma. It may be your individual, familial or group soul karma that you have an affliction or issue that must be worked out over a certain length of time. It may be that the healing you seek is tied, karmically, to the possible lives you had (and actions therein) with others, and that the energy of the issue is not yet completely resolved nor negated.

Marriages and relationships that suddenly seem to lose their attraction.
Sudden illnesses that come on when you meet someone new in your life, who played a part in your past life.

Entering into a relationship you feel completely absorbed into, with little preparation.
The achievement of “trigger points”, where you experience a physiological and/or psychological component that occurred at the same exact age you were in a past life. Serious physical and emotional problems develop in this manner.

Illnesses that appear suddenly due to new relationships, or to travel to geographic areas you’ve not been to in this life time, but where experiences occurred in past lives.
Actions that you performed in a past life that must now be played out in this life. These could be traumatic or ecstatic.

2. Soul’s Path or Mission. Consider the little boy who is born paraplegic. Who of us could say that we have total understanding of why that boy was born in that manner? Yet, it may be his soul’s path that he serve as an example to the rest of society, to extract compassion from those who have little, or to show that being a paraplegic is no impediment at all. Steven W. Hawking, one of the most brilliant physicists of our time, wrote A Brief History of Time, dealing with the outer limits of our knowledge of astrophysics and the nature of time and the universe. He is a quadriplegic.

You could have a recurring, chronic illness that is to teach you patience or compassion, tolerance or temperance. These issues must be played out, and are regulated by a higher part of you that you can call God, Divine Will, Universal Source, etc.

3. Current Skill Sets. You are incarnated with specific dispositions, as a soul. Individuals are stronger in certain chakras than in others, and exhibit different psychologies and skills. You may attract to you, through a law called Reciprocity, individuals who will exacerbate any ongoing weaknesses you have. You may feel as though you are attracting the “wrong type” into your life, though this is due to your soul’s disposition in this life time. These individuals are your teachers and healers, though you may not feel that way. Who would say that they attracted a violent man or woman into their lives, on purpose? However, there are components of the soul’s psychology that help to arrange these lessons for our growth, as difficult to understand as they may be.

It is the fact that you are seeking that defines your path, and your path is optimized when you recognize your creative abilities. The person who wishes to be healed will always create the healer. When someone comes to me for healing, I will tell them that I do no healing. They themselves, by their actions, have set the circumstances where I appear in their lives to facilitate their healing. Those individuals must claim their healing. In fact, the best we can do in healing and in metaphysics is to allow the one wishing to be healed to do what he or she does best: heal themselves. The healer only facilitates what the one wishing to be healed does best: heal from within according to their perfect blueprint.

The resolution of these healing issues is always facilitated by prayer, meditation, harmlessness, and by seeking the assistance of qualified practitioners in the healing arts.

You will always create the situation or circumstance that most closely approximates the facilitation of the exact healing or lesson that you require. Always.

You will always create the healer who most closely approximates the specific healing you are seeking. If you say “Only an iridologist can help me,” then when you see that practitioner and heal, you will have affirmed your ability to manifest according to your specific needs. Have you ever wondered why there are so very many different types of healing modalities in the world today? It is because you have created them.

It is we who create the facilitation of our own healing. It is we who are creating the space for the healer to exist by manifesting the desire to heal. The universe respects effort, and it is in your desire and the application of your will (movement) that healing becomes available to you. It is in the assumption of responsibility for your own healing that you can truly embrace the reality of what metaphysics represents. That you are in the oneness, inseparable from the answers you seek.


And you may say, “Why, then, do I not fully heal from one issue, when another appears?” It is because healing is a process, like a rose blooming. You may overcome one type of healing, only to close that chapter and begin another. Healing is a lifelong pursuit of the blooming of your consciousness to its fullness. If you only knew how perfectly you orchestrate the choreography of your unfolding, how those healers and teachers are always and forever there to assist and facilitate your growth. If you only knew, how through your desire and diligence you create the most optimal path for your life. If you only knew, how you are inseparable from the healing you desire.

And that type of healing is not contained in a pill, if you believe the pill is responsible for healing you. There is room in this universe for pills and drugs, but do not let them relieve you of your power, as a soul, to attract perfect and total healing into your life. Your natural state, is total health. Your natural state of being, is to attract healing to you because you exist, and all healing you receive is an externalization of the perfection that already exists within you, naturally.

Isn’t it interesting that we call natural healing methods “alternative”?

You will always create the healer, the facilitator, to help you do what you do best. And that is to heal, completely.