The Orouborous

Richard Jelusich Blog

The Orouborous is a symbol of a serpent eating its own tail, forming an endless circle. The orouborous is an ancient symbol, seen in many cultures worldwide from Asia, to Africa, to Central America, to Europe. The serpent does not represent ‘snake’; it represents wisdom. And the consuming of its own tail is a representation of infinity and the metaphysical paradox of individuation and oneness. As you can see, what initially may look like a tribal or cultural image has a much deeper meaning. In fact, we are finding that the symbology ancient cultures have inscribed in their symbols, stelae and hieroglyphics has imbedded within them layer upon layer of higher, esoteric meaning.

How do you pass on higher levels of awareness for future incarnations to embrace, that they might overcome the illusion of separation? You codify them in stone or something durable that can stand the passage of time until a soul group incarnates in a major ‘epoch’ or ‘age’ when those who incarnate are now able to perceive, on a higher level, the true meaning of the symbols. It is this age, the Golden Age of Inner Transformation where we have incarnated in a level of consciousness to grasp the multi-layered meaning of these symbols, and their significance.

One of the most beautiful and difficult teachings in the metaphysics of the human being is how we can be ‘unique’ and live in a ‘oneness’. It makes no rational sense but is true (what psychologists call the ‘non-rational’). In my experience, the orouborous is a representation of ‘everything and nothing’ contained a circular infinity. It is a representation of the ‘toroidal’ (donut shape) energy field, or quanta of the formation of all matter.

The torus, for example in physical space, is made up of the materials around it, but is unique within itself. An example would be a tornado. Many types of fruit, when cut in half, reveal the toroidal energy field that held the energetic matrix development of their physical fruition.

The orouborous, as a representation of the torus, is even more of a phenomenon of a higher dimensional energy field. For instance, I see this toroidal shape as the shape of the chakras themselves; the center of the chakra is the point where ‘everything and nothing exists’ in the same moment. This center of the toroidal energy field, or chakra, is called the ‘God Spot’ or ‘Zero Point’ and is the reference of uniqueness and oneness in the same moment: the paradox of our being. The chakras themselves are interdimensional centers of consciousness that hold our awareness and physical presence in space/time in this dimension and merge our consciousness with higher ‘levels’ of ourselves (astral and causal dimensions). As the chakras ‘awaken’ so does your ‘serpent wisdom’ (higher levels of awareness and consciousness).

So many ancient cultures, around our planet, have emblazoned the orouborous on stone carvings, paintings and edifices. They knew of the fundamental fabric of space/time, not just intellectually, but as a state of higher awareness in consciousness. They knew about the cycles and rhythms of time, that a future incarnation of themselves would be seeking higher states of awareness and would ‘discover’ the orouborous as in indication of that higher state achieved in incarnations past.

The knowledge of the orouborous (toroidal energy field) had been codified in this way to illustrate the universality of uniqueness and oneness in the same moment; again something that can be quite confusing but true. Think of our uniqueness and the oneness we are as two sides of the same coin and it is a little easier to understand.

As we continue to awaken to higher states of consciousness, the merging of our physical experience and higher states continue, as does our awareness of the oneness. That quality is ever-unfolding, self-evolving and always creating, no matter what our physical thinking process is doing. The spiritual essence of our being is always emanating the truth of our nature to our physical, waking consciousness. And hopefully, we are paying attention!

To be a single expression of creation, to be a point of attention on a sea of consciousness, to be unique and exist beyond time and space simultaneously! It is our work to continue to evolve our awareness and merge with Ultimate Reality (God, Divine Source, The All, etc.) evermore, that we may empower ourselves to be a better example and to better minister to those who seek, and to provide cogent answers to their very good questions!