Richard Jelusich Blog

Red is Not RedWhen one is on the spiritual path, how do you know you are being distracted from it? While so much is occurring in our fast-paced lives, the level of acceleration of consciousness is also increasing, causing the possibility of much stress in already busy life-styles.

Even now, scientists are coming up with a “short list” of candidate stars that have solar systems most similar and suitable to support life as we know it to exist in the physical level. We are “hearing” regular murmurs of energetic activity from our galactic core that has most traditional scientists baffled.

As we near the end of the out-breath of an over 16-billion year cycle, the speeding up you feel is necessary and beneficial, though you may not suspect that the beneficial part applies to you. It is an important and auspicious time for us to be incarnated, as we can accomplish much more in one single lifetime devoted to spiritual growth than you could in 100 normal lifetimes.

The way you know if you are not distracted?

When the inner voice, in its stillness, speaks with resolute beauty and love.

When your heart beats to the rhythm of Universal Love and not to personal desire.

When your altruistic actions seek no reward or recognition.

When you realize that you are living in an illusion of 3rd dimensional reality, even though it is a really good illusion, it is still an illusion.

When your spiritual thirst outweighs your material thirst.

When your higher sense perceptions are awakened, and you see things as they are, not as they appear to be.

When love is your motivation.

When the principles of harmlessness (in thought and deed) and compassion are the guiding lights of your life.

The next years will offer ample opportunities to become distracted from your focus. If you are, please don’t worry. Keep it simple. If you get distracted, choose again. It is the maintaining of the balance that is the juice; not the balance itself. It is the effort we make to keep the balance that defines the nature of our character in a given lifetime.

Remember, you are in charge of your life and you have choices. The light of the Divine Essence is within you. There is nowhere to go, nothing to find. Only to embrace with certainty that which you already have, which you already are imbued.

Awaken your ears to that still voice within. Find it and cherish it. Don’t concern yourself with the distractions; use the power of your will to continue to refocus. God always puts in front of us what is next for us to deal with, and you always have the means to meet the challenge.

Do not ignore that you live in a oneness; there is no separation.