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Dr Richard JelusichIf you knew to what you were evolving, could you grasp its significance?

You’ve heard me and many others speak of this, the “Golden Age of Inner Transformation”, but who can say what it is? And, yet our hearts yearn for a higher state of awareness and our ego urges us on to accumulate more.

If you knew that past civilizations had already achieved higher states of evolution, then why are we not there now? Why don’t we remember? And what would it have looked like?

That is the difficulty with spirituality and the metaphysics of the human being. “The only way to overcome an illusion is to first recognize there is one.” That means, only when we awaken to higher states of consciousness can we truly understand and appreciate that superconscious state! And yet, we are all in one way or another, striving for that.

So, who can say what evolution is, but those who have evolved? Quite the puzzle, yet higher states of awareness await all of us who are willing to do the spiritual work and engage in faith to attain those higher states.

We read about those past civilizations and dimly ponder their accomplishments. For example, the construction of huge, precise structures that could not be duplicated today. Whose structures are aligned to telluric and ley line energies; aligned to cardinal and cosmic coordinates. So such states of evolved consciousness are definitely there, staring right at us.

The difference is that evolution, by itself, can never be an intellectual pursuit because that is based on five sense perception, logic and linearity. Evolution is non-linear, it does not follow logical rules, but rather states of consciousness that are beyond logical thinking. Psychologists call this the non-rational.

Add to this, that we are incarnated in a co-creative collective collaboration in this Golden Era – that we on some eloquent level of our spiritual being are co-creators for the benefit of our own evolution.

Imagine, being offered higher states of consciousness, then recognizing you are a conscious co-creator of the very states of consciousness you seek?

Google Earth Leylines

Google Earth Leylines

My contention is that when the consciousness is ready, our spiritual nature creates the circumstances and the sequences of events that manifest the opportunities for us to step into that higher state of consciousness. And that many of the events we see that appear external to our lives are really a spiritual collaboration by us to benefit our higher consciousness to be realized.

So, look at evolution as the constantly enacted externalization of your soul quality to raise your consciousness to higher levels of awareness – revealing the unity of all things and thus overcoming the illusion of separation that causes so much suffering.

Are you ready to see yourself in this light? That you are an active, engaged collaborator of your own evolution? Are you ready to embrace the faith necessary that that is so? Faith is your reach extending beyond your grasp. To gain the non-rational is to practice the faith that reaches beyond the intellectual mind into a state of knowing; as state of superconscious awareness.

Begin with faith, in order to truly evolve. As I say to my students, trust what you feel; apply what you know. That is, have faith first, then you may use your practical mind. In this way, your higher sense perceptions see things as they are, not as they appear to be. Your authenticity arises to show you uniquely the way to your own evolution, because your faith is unifying your physical and non-physical (spiritual) being.

Do this, one step at a time, and the spiritual evolution of your character in this lifetime continues to unfold like the ever-blossoming flower that you are.