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We, as human beings, are standing on the precipice; the edge of the cliff of consciousness as this century unfolds. This is an era predicted by our former lifetimes, as ancients who knew the rhythms and cycles of time and consciousness. And that era is now unfolding before us, minute to minute.

There is an impending crescendo of human endeavour, as this Golden Age of Inner Transformation presents the opportunity to evolve to an entirely higher state of being. Do we choose unity consciousness? Or, should we choose to remain in duality, creating many more lifetimes of opportunities.

Yet when planets, solar systems and galaxies periodically align, there really is a powerful transformation of consciousness that is imbued upon those beings who incarnate in such high-energy eras. It really is true that such alignments induce transformation of consciousness, and the Mayan civilization was particularly adept at predicting when these major shifts in consciousness would occur.

The opportunity for the Global Human Society to evolve, in synchrony, to a higher state of awareness has presented some daunting challenges.

“You cannot temper steel in a cold fire”. The essence of such disparity between peoples; their wealth, education, health and well-being on this planet has fuelled an intense movement of change, or perish. The acceleration of pollution, whether it is material, electromagnetic, or egoic, has made the temperature “hot” enough to cause us to re-think our
priorities. And not because many want to, but because they (we) have to.

And thus the Global Human Society will emerge, at a higher level of consciousness, should enough people cohere to spiritual precepts and avoid the many material distractions that cause our minds to stay rooted in a lower astral reality. That reality continues the unnecessary suffering that you see today, and clinging to the illusions of solely material comforts only continues that illusion and suffering.

My dear teacher, Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, stated that if we do not achieve a type of unity consciousness in this century there would be no need for humans to be on this planet. He stated that Earth is a preferred destination for souls, and there is quite a queue of souls who wish to incarnate here.

Add to that, we are in the “2012” era predicted by so many ancient races, that this hot fire of the urgency to change is what the Hopi referred to as the “age of purification”.

AwakeningAnd thus, we can use the impetus of the heat to change to more compassion and harmlessness; towards others and towards ourselves. We have the greatest opportunity to work together; knitted by the threads of the Internet and social media networking – the great volume of information and knowledge available to all on this planet. The weave we choose will be the result of how we employ spiritual wisdom and awakening.

For each of us, in this age, is part of the whole of the Global Human Society. Our individual efforts to awaken ourselves spiritually affect that whole, and cause a unifying energy to exist that coheres us together. That is because as we awaken spiritually, we ‘see’ more and more the unity of all things. And that passes an intellectual understanding, to wisdom, and ultimately to realization.

And that cliff we are standing on? We are each nudging ourselves, in this era, to leave the perceived safety of ‘things as they are’. And, to be pushed off that cliff by our own soul’s yearning, to be free of the fears, doubts and illusions that cause our suffering.

It is our souls that have collectively gathered together in this time of great change, to victoriously evolve to a state of being that is free of lack, free of fear, and free from the idea of being separate from all creation.

So let us unify in consciousness, release our true spiritual essence into manifestation in this lifetime, allow our true spiritual power to come forth from within, and be the Global Human Society predicted by ourselves in the awakened societies we have already lived.

Whether you were Mayan, Egyptian, Sumerian, Tibetan, Incan, Druidic, Pleiadian, Atlantean, Lemurian, you are here now! Command your spiritual essence to come forth in love, harmony and wholeness and use your spiritual gifts to bring the Global Human Society to fruition, in accord with all life with our Mother Earth.