Get Out of the Pool – Dealing with Emotional Overwhelm

Richard JelusichBlog

Emotional Overwhelm. I’m sure none of your have ever experienced it, but just in case you have, it is very much like falling into the shallow end of the pool. There’s no danger of drowning, but you must admit that you are wet.

emotional overwhelmWhen emotionally overwhelmed, what is the first thing you must do? Get out of the pool! When you’re already past that point, you must remove yourself from the condition that is overwhelming. Walk out of the room for a moment, compose yourself, take a breath, go to the washroom, but get out of the pool.

What must you do next? Get out of those wet clothes, take a shower, and put on dry clothes. That means take the time to compose yourself. Getting out of the pool and putting on the dry clothes is exercising the power of your will to choose equanimity: the quality of choosing calm when immersed in chaos.

We all fall into the shallow end from time to time. Choosing not to stay in the water, requires more than wishing be dry. You must act; choose the calm, and choose it again.

Tools for Getting Out of the Pool