NASA Confirms Einstein’s Theories – 4th Dimensional Energy Vortex Surrounds Earth

Richard Jelusich Blog

Swirling Light VortexIt is absolutely amazing to me that in the mainstream, to see this monumental confirmation of two aspects of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity.

Why?  Because the Earth is NOT generating the 4th Dimensional Energy Vortex.  The Vortex is really a kind of CHAKRA that is holding the bounded domain so that Earth can exist in space-time!

The Higher Dimensional YOU (not limited to space or time) is radiating yourself into this dimension of space/time.  This is precisely what I have been teaching my Spiritual Healers Training students for many years: Your Aura radiates you into this dimension of time and space: you do not radiate your aura.

The aura that most people are familiar with is electromagnetic in nature, generated by your physical body.

The true human aura is a combination of the spiritual individuation of the chakras, ida/pingala (the twisted pair of energies in the column of the spine) and shushumna (the great column of light that goes up and down the spine through the lenses of each chakra).

Though some of you may not be familiar with such terminology, this mainstream revelation is a sign of our times that we are now ready to understand more of our True Spiritual Nature: that we really are luminous beings of light (beyond space and time) that also have physical bodies, not the other way around.

I hope you will take time to savor this information: that you have incarnated in a time when we collectively are more and more ready to understand our true nature.

I hope you will realize that you are ready and fully capable to embrace the truth of your Spiritual Nature.

From the Stanford Website:

“Gravity Probe B (GP-B) is a NASA physics mission to experimentally investigate Albert Einstein’s 1916 general theory of relativity-his theory of gravity. GB-B used four spherical gyroscopes and a telescope, housed in a satellite orbiting 642 km (400 mi) above the Earth, to measure in a new way, and with unprecedented accuracy, two extraordinary effects predicted by the general theory of relativity (the second effect having never before been directly measured):

The geodetic effect-the amount by which the Earth warps the local spacetime in which it resides.

The frame-dragging effect-the amount by which the rotating Earth drags its local spacetime around with it.

NASA Gives Public New Internet Tool To Explore The Solar System – FREE!

PASADENA, Calif. — NASA is giving the public the power to journey through the solar system using a new interactive Web-based tool.

The “Eyes on the Solar System” interface combines video game technology and NASA data to create an environment for users to ride along with agency spacecraft and explore the cosmos. Screen graphics and information such as planet locations and spacecraft maneuvers use actual space mission data.

“This is the first time the public has been able to see the entire solar system and our missions moving together in real-time,” said Jim Green, director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division at the agency’s Headquarters in Washington. “It demonstrates NASA’s continued commitment to share our science with everyone.”