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Integrative Chakra Therapy® or ICT is a form of subtle energy medicine that is the most powerful form of accessing the true spiritual nature of the human being that I know of.  This is because in my 30+ years of experience and research on the chakras and the human biofield, the chakras affect not just the physical body, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.  These aspects are known as the four archetypes of the Whole Human Being.

My research led to a theory of “dominant chakras,” where one chakra may be more prominent than the others (like being right-handed) and thus affect the way that person perceives reality and their life perspectives.  This is part of ICT work and led to my writings of Eye of the Lotus: the Psychology of the Chakras, and I Can Relate: how we intuitively choose the people in our lives.

Chakras are not just energy centers, but rather are conduits of consciousness between what are called in the Vedas “The Three Yoga Bodies:” Physical, Astral and Causal dimensions of individuation.  ICT accesses these deep levels of consciousness and thus can affect healing on several archetypes and the integration of these bodies.

Subtle energy is a term that refers to universal life energy that is not limited to time or space, but is everywhere present.  There are many forms of subtle energy medicine, but in general, practitioners are really conduits for this energy, based on the chakra system.  In Reiki and like practices, the chakras act as transformers of life force energy. 

In ICT, the practitioner accesses the chakras directly and is that conduit through which the healing energies flow to holistically affect the four archetypes.  At this level of the chakras, distance is no factor and there are many scientific studies showing the efficacy of subtle energy medicine.  That distance is no factor and practitioners can work virtually also lends to the power of ICT.

I’ve been teaching a course in ICT through Light News Institute for more than 20 years, with over 500 students and graduates.   Students study and do much practicum to become practitioners, taking over 18 levels of course instruction and practicum for almost 3 years to become proficient.

The reason ICT training is so powerful is that the practitioners use their chakras to assess the chakras of the patient.  This is very similar to working out at the gym: every time the muscle goes through an exercise, it is not only stronger but more toned as well over time.  Practitioners who take the ICT course go through deep inner transformations as they facilitate the healing energies that pass through them as conduits.  There is an old spiritualist saying: “A little oil sticks to your funnel.”  Practitioners, as they take the training grow in higher orders of spiritual awareness of the true function of the chakra system, the Biofield and the Whole Human Being.

Today, students who are interested in spiritual development but don’t want to hang out a shingle can take ICT training in modules and can also progress at their own pace through a mentorship program.

Regular offerings for ICT energy balancing for the public are scheduled every month through Light News Institute and Bamboo Garden Wellness center, where people can come in person or online and receive energy medicine treatments from qualified practitioners at no cost.

One-on-one ICT in private sessions in person and online include a verbal assessment of the chakras, strengths and weaknesses and powerful inner-transformation from limiting beliefs and more as well as the energy work itself.   The verbal assessment of the chakra system reveals more of the personality, character and deep insights, offering life-changing options for the individual.

Introductory lectures, ICT training offerings and Free Monthly Energy Balancing for the Public are regularly scheduled on the calendar.

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Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.