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Follow Your Intuition (1)That mysterious part of our nature that is not related to the thinking mind, but is the super-highway of connectedness to all creation.

Most of us, around the world East and West, have not been taught of the value and reality of our intuition.  It is one of the most difficult parts of our spiritual, metaphysical nature: how do you teach about something that is beyond time and space, has individuation (you) and is absolutely as real as anything in the physical world?

Science is blessed with increasing generations of people who are asking the really cool questions about the spiritual nature of the human being and the universe.  We can prove, indirectly, the existence of subtle energies in the body, including the existence of the chakras and meridians.  The meridians are the invisible channels (nadis) through with the subtle energy (chi or ki life force) flows.  The chakras are the transformers of consciousness from higher dimensions to the physical dimension, and act as a bridge to connect the physical and non-physical (dual and non-dual) aspects of our nature.

That means you and I exist in space and time (physical dimension) and beyond space and time (higher dimensions) simultaneously.

If you have chakras (7 of them) lined up along your spine, and they are not limited to time or space, you are automatically intuitive (psychic, if you will) by design.


That begs the response that you are indeed connected to all things and all time – that you truly are a luminous being of light that also has a physical embodiment.

Where does the rubber hit the road?

As the sages say: “The only way to know God is with a direct, revelatory experience”.  And this is the beauty and difficulty of the spiritual path: it is unique to you but you are connected to all things.  That one cannot open the door to a higher experience with thought and intellect alone.

And the cool thing about our intuition is that it is always available to us, all the time.  That is because the intuition is relayed through each chakra to our physical minds and chakras are “open” 24/7 “we never close” because they are not limited to space or time.

IntuitionSo the intuition then, this ‘super highway’ to All that Is, has always been with us, always been working perfectly.  Why don’t we know more about it?  The direct answer is that when our consciousness is ready, we will reveal to ourselves that which is next to learn and grow.  Just as we reach a certain age and come to understanding and wisdom, we incarnate in certain ages and come to awaken to higher levels of awareness.

To practice the intuition is to be in Faith – faith is trusting with your heart what you mind cannot yet know.  And for most of us this is very difficult because it does not follow a logical path.  It is what psychologists call the ‘nonrational’.  The intuition does not follow rational rules – but is of your higher sense perceptions.  The higher sense perceptions do not work in the same way as your five senses, so sometimes we feel awkward and frustrated when we trust our intuition.

However, the higher sense perceptions see things as they are, not as they appear to be.  Therefore, it is in our best interests to live our lives in faith as much as the practical mind, and seek a harmonious balance of the two.

In preference, it is better to trust the intuition first, then apply the practical mind.  This is because the intuition ‘sees’ things from a much higher perspective that often the practical mind cannot grasp.  This is also why so many people put on the brakes at this point of spirituality.

It is better to be gentle with yourself; sometimes the slightest nuance of an intuition is more powerful than a megaphone blaring.   And it boils down to trust.  How do you know?  You must trust in yourself and your unbreakable connection to All that Is.

You are an inseparable part of all creation – therefore a part of all love, wisdom and will.  Use your intuition – trust in your feelings with an open heart and a focused mind.  Trust, and trust again.