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The Age of Accountability

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The Age of Accountability

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Truly, it is the age of personal responsibility and accountability. Have you noticed how many people are coming forward and asking the really relevant questions? How many people are questioning the status quo, the foundations of religion, science, academia and government?

For me, it is a most rewarding time, as I have been lecturing on various topics of metaphysics from the cosmology of the Mayan Culture, to the Indian Yugas, to my Integrative Chakra Therapy® course for many years. Students and workshop attendees alike love to ask the really hard questions and those are my favorites! Those are the questions really worth answering.

The real question is why? Why are we asking the tough questions at this time? Esoterically, we really are in alignment with the galactic center (inducing mass inner transformation of consciousness on this planet), this really is the time of fulfillment of many ancient cultural prophecies, and our combined technologies have brought more knowledge and resources into the hands of the average person as never before seen since the times of Atlantis. The rapidity of our growth is stunning: we’ve grown more technologically in the last 60 years than in the last 600.

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It is therefore these tough questions that have become ripe for asking, and the resultant vast, sweeping changes in our societies and global human culture. No longer are we content with a belief system of its own, but we are possessed of a yearning to know the intimacies of our true nature: the nature of our physical universe, of our spiritual nature, and the relationship between the spiritual and the physical.

These changes are born within ourselves – it is this incarnation of our karma (causation, or cause and effect) that also gives the opportunity through those tough questions to take more personal accountability for our lives and reactions to life’s living. It is so interesting to note a statement my teacher, Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, stated in one of his books: “Awakening the Chakras and Emancipation”.

Dr. Motoyama stated that if you engage in spiritual practices that awaken you, instead of taking a couple million years to evolve, you can cut it down to a few thousand years!

This is the time prophesied, the time of “Truth Revealed” where we may progress further, farther and faster than in many previous lifetimes, and our karma brought us here in this age, this Golden Age of Inner Transformation. Dr. Motoyama also said that if you choose a spiritual life, you can accomplish more in a single lifetime than in a hundred lifetimes!

You’ll find that if you are the one asking the tough questions, you’ve already place such value on your own accountability and spiritual awareness that you are willing to live the truth to the answer of those questions. The seeds of those questions were within you before your birth. It is why you are here: to seek, to ask, to know. No one can stop a consciousness whose time has come.

Personal responsibility and accountability – you see the obverse as well. Blatant disregard of respect, traffic (red lights, road rage) and criminal laws, ethics violations, sexual misconduct allegations, the demeaning of spiritual principles, misuse of the law, politics for sale to the highest bidder, disregard for fundamental humanitarian goodness. How can all this be going on in our world at the same time?

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We have a choice – each of us may choose that level of responsibility and accountability that reflects that to which we truly aspire: the sweetness of our spiritual nature or the gross material satisfaction from materialism in itself.

The yogis say: “In the end it is between you and God.” That is, you must answer to the truth, the Creator within you where your true virtue lay. That quality is in each of us. Every day, I see people asking the tough questions; seeking to externalize the truth and goodness that exists within in the most productive and meaningful way of living life. And that quality is the beauty of our being: we already possess it.

Are you willing to ask the tough questions? Are you ready for the answers? To take personal accountability and responsibility for your life and to understand that the truths you seek are already within you? My dad used to say: “Always tell the truth. That way, you’ve nothing to remember.” Live your truth, ask the hard questions, reveal more of the virtue of your True Self to your self.