3 C's

The 3 C’s and You

Richard JelusichBlog

3 C'sI feel it is so important for you to know this simple truth about yourself: You are continuously in a Co-Creative Conscious Collaboration (3 C’s) with the Universe! This is one of the most important realizations; that you are guaranteed to bring forth those situations, circumstances and events in your life that represent the possibility of overcoming the illusion of separation from oneness and to empower your Self to the truth of your spiritual being.

It does not matter if you are a scientist, caretaker, metaphysician or any other endeavor. One cannot separate themselves from the perennial process of becoming that which you came to be and do. Sounds a little flowery, but is none the less true!

As our consciousness is like a wave upon the ocean, we experience uniqueness, though who can tell one part of the water from another? And the wave is composed entirely of ocean, but is distinct within it. The wave comes to the shore and where does it go? Where did it come from? A stimulating vibration that set it on its course? So, it is from lifetime to lifetime we go – the observer of our experiences but not the experience itself.

You and I are as much a part of this universe in its unfolding splendor as any star, planet or galaxy. Inseparable. Oneness. Unique. That is a great teaching of the metaphysics of the human being: that we are in Oneness but are a unique aspect of the universe, tending to view ourselves as separate because of that uniqueness. Thinking about it makes our brain hurt; how can you be unique and in oneness at the same time? If you are in oneness, then you are a part of the most distant galaxy in the universe. You are a part of all things seen and unseen. You have a unique consciousness and the spirit that is you is constantly setting the “3 C’s” in motion to unwind you from the dance with just yourself, to compel you to view your connection to all things.

It has been said that if a person is truly conscious, then they are alert to the obvious and to the nuances. Are you alert the synchronicities in your life; those seeming coincidences (there are none) or chance occurrences (there are none) that present themselves to you? Can you recognize those moments of collaboration and co-creation that are constantly, ceaselessly at work for your evolution?

Will you surrender to the power you already have? Will you be fully in the moment, realizing you are in the right time, in the right place, doing the right thing? Will you trust your intuition to lead you to places your current intellect cannot? Did you know that Albert Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge?

Can you embrace the truth of your metaphysical nature? That you are both timely and timeless? Can you be practical, led first by your intuition that the 3-C’s work best when you realize this is how the universe works? Can you embrace it is better to want what you need than to need what you want? That is the way of the spiritual being; to know the truth of your nature, to be content in the moment that you have everything you need. To be content that you know, are aware of and rest in the spiritual power that you have, never whether you have it. To trust the Divine Knower within you to set the right scene or circumstance that you may walk forward in greater spheres of spiritual awareness.

Be in that awareness of the Co-Creative Conscious Collaboration. Whether you see yourself working with the Universe, God, Divine Source, the All – – – the titles do not matter, for you are inseparable from that which is.

Live this truth – know it from within your being in Faith, Intuition and Trust and you will continue to unfold the petals of your awareness in the most natural way. Do the petals talk to each other when unfolding, or do they collectively just unfold? Rest in the truth of your spiritual nature and unfold naturally, knowing every moment contains a drop of total consciousness.