The Purpose of a Spiritual Reading

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The Purpose of a Spiritual Reading

This time of year is especially one of inner focus and reflection (the Winter Solstice) and of New Year’s Resolutions (Re-SOUL-utions). It is a time when many people consult their astrologers, numerologists, psychics and other methods of tapping into universal wisdom for guidance.

So, in my field of direct reflection (not using Tarot, astrology, etc., but rather directly reading the spiritual character), why would a person come for a spiritual reading, and what does that mean “spiritual”?

As you know, in every field of study there are those who only touch the surface and those who go deep and are the ‘phile-ists’ (like bibliophile – one who loves reading). People ask for spiritual readings for a variety of reasons: love, wealth, spiritual development; and some people only want to touch the surface, while others wish to deeply understand their true spiritual nature.

It is such a blessing to be living in this time, where we know that spiritual readings are not ‘fortune telling’; that there really is a ‘spiritual body’ not limited to time or space that is still ourselves. Seeking to better understand ourselves is a very noble pursuit!

So why a spiritual reading? The first and main purpose is to place you firmly on your own two feet as an awakened being, aware of the interconnectedness of all things, to empower your life with fierce inner trust and devotion to your own intuition. Anyone who offers you spiritual counseling must always be working to return the power to you, yourself, not to them. They must always help you to emancipate yourself from thinking any answers are outside of yourself.

I’ve been offering spiritual counseling for almost 30 years, and in recent years I have really become aware how we ALL set conditions (from a higher level) that offer the opportunities for our own inner growth and awareness. Equally, I have become aware how many people do not realize this – that all of us are in that “co-creative conscious collaboration”. That is a term I created to emphasize that you and I are always creating, on some higher level, an event or circumstance that may help us on that process of inner awareness and self-empowerment! Imagine, we all have these abilities to create in this way, and we are doing it, conscious or not of its existence.

So, what if you were aware of that process within yourself before you decide to have a spiritual reading? Would it help you to better select someone who would most precisely match what this chapter in your life is teaching you? Would you realize the person you chose does match what is most needed now (not what you want, but what you need are two different things)?

Now that you know you really are a conscious creator, what should you expect in a spiritual reading? “Spiritual” refers to that part of you beyond space and time, but still exists as a unique expression of the oneness. Right there, is a difficult idea. How can you be here, in space and time, and still exist as you, beyond space and time? It is the same conundrum that physicists face dealing only with the material world: that 85% of all the gravity in the universe cannot be accounted for, nor can it be measured with existing technology, but we know it exists.

“Spiritual” asks you to accept that there is a part of your nature that is beyond space/time, yet is still ‘you’ and has a higher perspective (through your chakras) that when melded with your waking consciousness causes you to be more ‘awakened’ and aware in consciousness.

Expect that the person who is doing the spiritual reading is looking for those traits and aspects of your character that you can bring forth more fully. Their job is to help you gain a higher ground, a greater perspective to view your life, its course, and what you can do about it.

Spiritual readings are not just about information, they must be ‘how to’, not ‘gee whiz’. We are living in the age of Truth, where all is revealed. That is why you’ve incarnated in this amazing time frame. The reader gives you the spiritual information (in my case through your chakras), tells you why these events are occurring in your life, what you can do about them and how to do it. This simple roadmap method is designed to help you see clearly what is in front and ahead of you, and how best to navigate the ship of your life to its most beautiful unfoldment.

And, when you are looking for a spiritual reading, trust your own intuition in whom you choose. It does not matter their name, education, ethnicity, etc. It matters what you feel when making the choice. Always trust your intuition.

When receiving the reading, having it recorded for your is always a bonus so that you can study, learn and integrate from the session later. Also, when you are listening to the reading live or later, ask yourself what ‘resonates’ with you; what really touches the truth of who you are. These are the key points the reader is helping you to understand and become more aware of.

Remember, you are in charge. The essence of the spiritual reading is always about helping you to empower yourself by drawing forth healing and wholeness you already possess. The reader is only helping you to be more aware and to externalize what you already have. After all, you are part of the oneness of all things, thus not separate from anything.