What is Integrative Chakra Therapy?

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How Integrative Chakra Therapy® Works for You

I am asked questions about Integrative Chakra Therapy® (ICT). What is it and how it works. So, what is ICT?? This is the question many of my students hear from friends and family who then say to me “how do I explain what I do?” That’s a really great question, because ICT works with ‘subtle energy’; a quality of life force that cannot be directly measured! Although, there is much science today proving that subtle energy not only exists, we can measure its healing effects with greater and greater accuracy.

Integrative Chakra Therapy® is a method of subtle energy healing where the practitioner is acting as a conduit of subtle energy, which is radiating through the chakras. To gain a better understanding of what that subtle energy is, we look at the chakra centers. Chakra centers are not just transformers of energy as is commonly thought, but of consciousness as well. 

Think of the practitioner as a lens through which the light of the chakras flows. Hard to wrap your head around that, isn’t it! You see, chakras are not limited to time or space. And, that is a problem for us, because our mind is really limited in time and space through a lifetime of physical experiences.

Thus, for the student, it can be difficult to explain what ICT is as we all use a linear mind to explain what is not linear! ICT is based on using an energy called PSI that flows through the chakras. What does this mean? It means that the person wishing energy work can by anywhere; distance is no factor!

In ICT the student learns that the chakras affect not just physical, but the four archetypes of the “Whole Human Being” (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional), Hence the name “Subtle Energy Balancing for the Whole Human Being.” Healing work is not just limited to the physical body. This is part of what makes ICT so unique and powerful. The very energy that ‘holds’ the body in time and space is the same energy flowing through the practitioner that can affect those four archetypes.

Think of this ‘lens’ or ‘conduit’ of the chakras that the practitioner of ICT uses to allow healing energy to flow through their chakra centers. It’s very much like holding your garden hose; the water flows through the hose from its source, but is not flowing through the practitioner. This way, none of the personal energies of the practitioner are involved and the healing work becomes as pure as possible.

sittingwchakrasAnd, because the practitioner of ICT is using their chakras as conduits, the practitioner becomes stronger in stimulating their own chakras through careful, safe techniques.

The premise of ICT has always been very simple from the beginning: To help the individual self-empower and to take the mystery out of metaphysics. The student who practices ICT is actually helping to awaken themselves through these safe methods, while they are helping to facilitate balance in the people they work with. This is because we are living in an age of TRUTH, where all is being revealed as to who we really are.

ICT helps in that revealing by using the chakra centers as the conduits for achieving balance. Though we do have difficulty understanding how we can have seven chakras in our energy body that are beyond time and space, they exist nevertheless. We experience these difficult linear moments in our minds, but our hearts know there is more to you and I than a physical existence. ICT fills that void through ‘the safety way’ of practicing the appropriate use of the chakras as balancing centers through which the PSI energy flows, as consciousness. The person experiencing the balancing through the practitioner can benefit in one, two or all of the four archetypes.

The ICT practitioner also gives an assessment of the balancing work, so the person has a solid tool for their continued self-empowerment!