Frequently asked questions about our Integrative Chakra Therapy®  training course.

What is Integrative Chakra Therapy® (ICT)?

Integrative Chakra Therapy®  is a 2 year, 18 Level program designed to awaken the spiritual power within the student practitioner.  Levels taught are both techniques and philosophy, along with practical experiential training.  In this manner, the student practitioner awakens their innate spirituality beyond a belief system towards a direct ‘inner knowing’ through careful stimulation of the chakra centers.

The understanding of the chakras is seminal to the entire course.  95% of all communication is not verbal, nor physical – it is the consciousness by which we are connected to all things.  ICT Subtle Energy Training increases the student practitioner’s awareness of this connection, called ‘Unity Consciousness’.

Can anybody be a student?

Yes – Students have ranged in age from 19 to over 81 years and come from all walks of life: students, doctors, psychologists, acupuncturists, blue collar, white collar, etc..  Students have many religious back grounds and the nature of spirituality embraces all these backgrounds in a common cause of seeking Divine inner revelation, self-empowerment and self-realization.

Would taking this course enhance what I already do?

Let’s say you are an acupuncturist, therapist, nurse, etc. Integrative Chakra Therapy® awakens innate abilities within you to ‘come to the surface of your mind’.  That is, you become aware of the subtle energies of the whole human being, but more importantly how and why those energies affect the perceptions/reactions of our human nature.

Your practice becomes infinitely deeper, as you are able to connect with others on a much deeper level due to your increased awareness of the true spiritual nature of the Whole Human Being. And that would include family, work and social connections as well.

Where are your students?  How many students/graduates are there?

Students attend classes in several cities in the U.S. and Canada, and several of them will travel great distances to take the training.  There are approximately 500 students/graduates of ICT Training in San Diego, Monterey, Morro Bay, Las Vegas, Chicago, Indianapolis (U.S.), and Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Camrose (Canada).

How often do we meet?

There are 18 Levels in Integrative Chakra Therapy® training.  Most levels are taught 2 to a weekend, and the weekends of training are 3 months apart.  In this manner, students have the opportunity to study and practice between levels.  When Level 18 is accomplished, a little over 2 years will have passed.

What does a weekend training look like?

Classes always start with meditation, followed by lecture with PowerPoint presentation (and demonstrations depending on the Level) on the topic and discourse (student participation encouraged).  All lectures and student questions are recorded and delivered via Dropbox or a memory stick, as well as the PowerPoint presentations and other relevant materials and videos for the student to take home at the end of the day on Sunday.

The afternoons are devoted to experiential practice.  The first six levels, students practice on each other.  After level six, the public is invited for free subtle energy work from the students, under the supervision of Dr. Jelusich himself or qualified graduates of ICT Training.

A binder is provided at Level 3 (Anatomy of the Chakras) where the student will fill it with the provided syllabi for each level.

Students are then encouraged to practice in the ensuing 3 months between levels. Graduates and Dr. Jelusich make themselves available to help with the practice work, as many students will gather together in their homes to practice with each other.

Is Spiritual Healing affiliated with a Religious Belief?

No – Every human being has a spiritual body that when awakened empowers that person to the truth of their being.  That we really are luminous beings of light, not limited to time or space, who also have a physical embodiment.  The purpose of awakening this realization is to overcome the illusion of separation that causes suffering.  As the student practitioner awakens themselves, they radiate that quality on all levels of their being to everyone they encounter, especially under the circumstance of subtle energy healing work.

What am I learning through the training?

All Healing boils down to only one thing – overcoming any illusion which separates you from the oneness in which you already live.  It is not easy to describe the subtle energetic awakening experience: it is intimate to the individual and students often go through life-changing moments throughout their training.

Student practitioners are learning to use their chakras to ‘read’ and assess the chakras of the person on the table and by doing this the student practitioner is actually awakening their chakras.  As the chakras awaken, one attains awareness (not limited to space or time) which moves the person from wisdom to realization.

That is, the student practitioner, through practicing the philosophy and techniques, learns of the true character of themselves and the person they are working on.  The awakened state of the student practitioner sees the whole human being much more deeply, and their subtle energetic healing power increases to help the person to heal on all four levels: physical mental, emotional and spiritual.

Am I obligated to take the whole course?

No.  We created the Introductory Weekend (Levels 1 and 2, Basic Healing and the Human Aura or Bio-field) for students to come and learn the basics of energetic healing and to see if this resonates with their path.  If you wish to obtain a certificate of completion, then yes you would take the whole course.

Why does it continue for 2 years?

In my experience of over 16 years of training healers, it takes at least that long for the spiritual power to integrate into the conscious awareness of the practitioner.  Teaching the metaphysics of the human being is much more than an intellectual understanding.  There is a core shift in the way the practitioner perceives and responds to everyday life and interactions.

It takes at least 2 years for this fundamental, core shift to really take hold.  Many graduates continue their training with me for several years after they have taken their 2 year course.

What do you mean “2 parts to the Healing work”?

That is, the practitioner does the spiritual energy work as the first part, assessing the chakras, the energy field and several other indicators of universal, spiritual, light source energy.  The second part is giving an assessment to the person of what the practitioner observed.   Practitioners are not allowed to prescribe or diagnose, but do give assessments of the character of the person (what is going on and why, what they can do about it, and how to do it).

In this way, the practitioner must go into the higher levels of their own consciousness “spiritual nature”, and bring their higher sense perceptions into their physical thinking mind.  This part of the training is meant to awaken the practitioner to their higher sense perceptions to ‘see things as they are’ in helping the person on the table.  Thus the practitioner is continually awakening themselves as well, by working to understand their assessments, awakening their own awareness.

Isn’t this a form of Reiki?

No, not at all.  The chakras convert a higher form of energy/consciousnes (PSI energy) into the ‘chi’ or ‘ki’ that travels through the organs and nadis (meridians and channels) of the body.  Reiki is the transmission of this ki energy, but is more limited to the physical dimension.  Chakras are not.  Thus Reiki is more limited to the physical dimension, because it travels through the physical body as the ‘chi’ or ‘ki’ energy.

If someone sends you ‘long distance Reiki’, they really mean at the levels of the chakras and above, for the energy that comes to the chakras is not limited to space or time.

We are working on the level of the chakras and above, and while your natural ‘chi’ or ‘ki’ abilities will develop through awakening the chakras, it is the higher level of energy that ICT is teaching.

Am I supposed to do healing work when I graduate?

Not at all.  Since 95% of all communication is energy (consciousness), after applying the techniques and philosophy of this training, your presence will represent healing to others.  Your everyday life is enhanced by a greater understanding and comprehension of the ‘Whole Human Being’ and your inner sense of purposefulness will be much stronger.

If you do some form of healing modality (dentist, doctor, psychologist, body worker, energy psychology, etc.) your practice is enhanced due to your own spiritual growth.

Think of it as you would going to the gym. As you practice with the weights, over time your muscles and tone improve.  It is the same with the Integrative Chakra Therapy® program.

What is “A Community of Healers”?

Most students don’t realize that their ‘spiritual power’ gathers together like-minded people in healers training, creating a soul-group or community of healers.  Your ‘family’ comes together for unanimity of purpose, and where two or more are gathered for spiritual purposes, the effect is exponential.  Thus, very powerful spiritual growth is realized by the student.

Have a question that we haven’t answered here?  Give us a quick call or send us an email and have them answered.  The person you’ll speak with is a former student and likely had the very same questions when she began her studies.

In humility, love and compassion,Dr. Richard Jelusich